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What You Will Get With The Lean Builder Master Class Free Trial

Want to peek behind the scenes and get a feel for the course? We get it.

We created a new PREVIEW Module that offers access to 3 of the 47 video lessons in our course:

  • The Daily Huddle – Ten Best Practices
  • Pull Planning - Running a Pull Plan Meeting
  • The Eight Wastes - Eight Waste Lifecycle Example

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What You Will Learn With The Lean Builder Master Class

  • Cultural Transformation: Learn how to instill a Lean culture on your job site, fostering a mindset of continuous improvement, teamwork, and added value.
  • Lean Principles in Construction: Explore the foundational principles of Lean thinking and their application in the construction industry. Understand how Lean can streamline operations and reduce project waste.
  • Visual Communication Tools: Discover how visual project management tools can enhance communication, decision-making, and problem-solving on the jobsite.
  • Pull Planning and Last Planner System®: Implement Lean scheduling techniques to enhance coordination, maximize collaboration, increase predictability, and reduce delays. 


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